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Name Department Office Phone Email
Sharma, Manish
Director of Assessment
AAUE 127A ED 502-852-1360 m0shar21 @ louisville.edu
Sheffield, Alice M
Administrative Associate
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-6411 amshef01 @ exchange.louisville.edu
Sheffield, Caroline C
Department Chair and Associate Professor
MISE 286 ED 502-852-0575 caroline.sheffield @ louisville.edu
Shreffler, Megan
Assistant Professor
HSS 104M SAC E 502-852-0548 mbshre01 @ louisville.edu
Shuck, Michael (Brad)
Associate Professor
ELFH 382 ED 502-852-7396 mbshuc01 @ louisville.edu
Simmons, Thomas J.
Associate Professor
SPED 147 ED 502-852-0569 tsimmons @ louisville.edu
Snyder, Katie E
Associate Professor
ECPY 310 ED 502-852-8796 kesnyd02 @ louisville.edu
Spence, Janet
Director Strategic Program Success Initiatives
DEAN 123A ED 502-852-4356 janet @ louisville.edu
Spencer, Tyler
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T ED 502-852-0312 tcspen01 @ cardmail.louisville.edu
Sun, Jeffrey
Professor, Chair
ELFH 343-A ED 502-852-0618 jeffrey.sun @ louisville.edu
Swan, Steve
MISE 241 ED 502-852-0581 sbswan02 @ louisville.edu
Tabeling, Steven K
Unit Business Manager
RSCH 123 ED 502-852-3069 sktabe01 @ louisville.edu
Taylor, Larry
Executive Director
KATC 129C AUTISM 502-852-6116 r0tayl05 @ louisville.edu
Terson De Paleville, Daniela
Associate Professor
HSS 105E SAC E 502-852-0547 dtdepa01 @ louisville.edu
Thai, Jayden
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 320 ED 502-852-6884 jlthai01 @ louisville.edu
Thomas, Shelley
Assistant Chair and Associate Professor
MISE 273 ED 502-852-8090 shelley.thomas @ louisville.edu
Thum, Julie
Assistant Director of Education and Academic Services
EASS 140A ED 502-852-2998 jastou02 @ louisville.edu
Townsend, Denise
Assessment Specialist
AAUE 124 ED 502-852-3231 datown02 @ louisville.edu
Trazkus, Matt
Graduate Assistant
ECEE 262 ED 502-852-6431 m0trza01 @ louisville.edu
Tretter, Thomas
Professor, Director of Planetarium
MISE, PLNTRM 289 ED 502-852-0595 tom.tretter @ louisville.edu