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Name Department Office Phone Email
Woo, Hongryun
Associate Professor
ECPY 326 ED 502-852-0615 h0woo001 @ louisville.edu
Wooten-Burnett, Stefanie
Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Alt Cert
NYSTRAND 288 ED 502-852-8053 stefanie.wootenburnett @ louisville.edu
Wright, Eric
Academic Counselor Senior
EASS 164 ED 502-852-3221 eric.wright @ louisville.edu
Wurth, Rachel
Unit Business Mgr., Sr. 
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-2118 rachel.wurth @ louisville.edu
Yao, Jojo
Graduate Assistant
SPED 149 ED 502-852-5597 tianhong.yao @ louisville.edu
Yoo, Sin-Wook
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 s0yoo006 @ exchange.louisville.edu
Zuccaro, Emily
Graduate Assistant
ECEE 240 ED 502-852-6431 elzucc01 @ exchange.louisville.edu