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Name Department Office Phone Email
Ising, Kelly M.
Administrative Associate
ELFH 343 ED 502-852-6475 kelly.ising @ louisville.edu
Jacobi-Vessels, Jill
Director of the ELC and Clinical Assistant Professor
ECEE 265 ED 502-852-0436 jill.jacobi-vessels @ louisville.edu
Jaggers, Jason
Assistant Professor
HSS 105H SAC E 502-852-7193 jason.jaggers @ louisville.edu
Jett, Mike
HSS 105M SAC E 502-852-5711 dmjett01 @ louisville.edu
Jett, Pamela
ECEE 249 ED 502-852-0574 pmjett01 @ louisville.edu
Johnson, Detra
Assistant Professor
ELFH 338 ED 502-852-0611 detra.johnson @ louisville.edu
Jones, Jane
CRMSTD 110  ED 502-852-7063 jane.jones @ louisville.edu
Joseph, Brandon
Academic Counselor, Sr.
EASS 163 ED 502-852-2638 brandon.joseph @ louisville.edu
Kimberlain, Saundra
Academic Counselor Sr.
EASS 166 ED 502-852-2570 sgkimb01 @ louisville.edu
King, Kristi M
Associate Professor, Program Director
HSS 105G SAC E 502-852-8843 kristi.king @ louisville.edu
Kolander, Cheryl A.
HSS 104E SAC E 502-852-0175 ckolander @ louisville.edu
Laman, Tasha Tropp
Director of Nystrand Center
NYSTRAND 238 ED 502-852-0572 tasha.laman @ louisville.edu
Landrum, Timothy
Interim Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
SPED 123D ED 502-852-0952 tjland01 @ louisville.edu
Larson, Ann E.
Dean and Professor
DEAN 124A ED 502-852-6044 ann @ louisville.edu
Lau, Timothy
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 364 ED 502-852-3830 t0lau001 @ louisville.edu
Leach, Mark
Professor, Interim Department Chair
ECPY 329 ED 502-852-0588 mmleac01 @ louisville.edu
Ledford, Liza
Instructor and Program Coordinator
HSS 105C SAC E 502-852-8581 erledf01 @ louisville.edu
Levine, Jeff
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-5001
jflevi01 @ louisville.edu
Lingo, Amy S.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Unit Effectiveness
AAUE, SPED 161 ED 502-852-0563 asling01 @ louisville.edu
Lipsey, Robin
MISE Placement Coordinator, Instructor
MISE 259 ED 502-852-0336 rllips01 @ louisville.edu