CEHD Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Department Office Phone Email
Alagaraja, Meera
Associate Professor
ELFH 347 ED 502-852-0617 m0alag01@louisville.edu
Alonso, Becky
Program Coordinator
CRMSTD 293 ED 502-852-3096 becky.alonso@louisville.edu
Anderson, Eliza
Graduate Assistant
SPED 107 ED 502-852-6421 elizabeth.anderson.1@louisville.edu
Arnold, Ashley Shelton
MISE 281 ED 502-852-3041 ashley.shelton@louisville.edu
Ausbrooks, Breanna
Graduate Assistant
MISE 262 ED 502-852-6593 bmausb01@exchange.louisville.edu
Baker, Diane
University Supervisor
SPED 144 ED 502-852-6421 julia.baker@louisville.edu
Ball, Michel
Administrative Assistant
HSS 104 SAC E 502-852-6645 jmball01@louisville.edu
Bauder, Debra K.
Associate Professor
SPED 156 ED 502-852-0564 debra.bauder@louisville.edu
Bay-Williams, Jenny
MISE 285 ED 502-852-0561 j.baywilliams@louisville.edu
Bays, Sarah
Field Training Coordinator
KATC 120 AUTISM 502-852-2467 sarah.bays@louisville.edu
Bergman, Matt
Assistant Professor
ELFH 334 ED 502-852-7753 matt.bergman@louisville.edu
Bewley, Lee
Associate Professor Term
ELFH 000 ED 502-852-0568 lee.bewley@louisville.edu
Bishop, Barbara K.
Unit Business Manager, Intermediate
EDTL 253 ED 502-852-0571 b.bishop@louisville.edu
Bowers Taylor, Amanda
Graduate Assistant
ELFH 338 ED 502-852-6475 amtayl24@louisville.edu
Bradley, Dhiane M.
Director of Regulatory Affairs
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-3218 dhiane@louisville.edu
Bratcher, Adrienne
Assistant Professor
HSS 105F SAC E 502-852-4031 apbrat01@louisville.edu
Brown, Sherri L.
Associate Professor, Assistant Chair
ECEE 275 ED 502-852-0599 s.brown@louisville.edu
Brown, Taylor A
Graduate Assistant
RSCH 123ED ED 502-852-4043 taylorannebrown@louisville.edu
Brydon-Miller, Mary
ELFH 314 ED 502-852-6887 mlbryd01@louisville.edu
Buckley, Jessica
Clinical Assistant Professor
ELFH 360 ED 502-852-0641 jessica.buckley@louisville.edu
Buecker, Harrie
Liaison for District and School Partnerships, Instructor
ELFH 362 ED 502-852-0720 hlbuec01@louisville.edu
Burpo, Brigitte
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 b0burp01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Burt, Jessica
Graduate Assistant
SPED 107 ED 502-852-6421 jmburt06@cardmail.louisville.edu
Burt, Jon
Positive Behavior Support Coach
SPED 107 ED 502-852-6421 jon.burt@louisville.edu
Bush, Michelle
Program Assistant
KATC 000 AUTISM 502-852-2467 mlhanl01@louisville.edu
Buskill, Roger
ELFH 368 ED 502-852-0609 rlbusk01@louisville.edu
Calvert, Janet M
MISE 288 ED 502-852-8053 jan.calvert@louisville.edu
Cambron, Mark R
Assoc Dean for Faculty Affairs, Planning and Operations
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-3999 mrcamb02@louisville.edu
Camp, Erica D.
Administrative Associate
HSS 104U SAC E 502-852-6642 erica.camp@louisville.edu
Campbell, Mary Ann
Program Assistant
FTKX  FTKNOX 502-852-6444 mary.ann@louisville.edu
Caruso, John
HSS 105L SAC E 502-852-6648 john.caruso@louisville.edu
Casey, Mark A.
Program Coordinator
FTKX  FTKNOX 502-852-6444 mark.casey@louisville.edu
Cash, Kathleen
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 320 ED 502-852-6884 kathleen.cash@louisville.edu
Cauley, Bridget
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 326 ED 502-852-6884 bkcaul01@louisville.edu
Cesarz, Greta
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 gmcesa01@louisville.edu
Charron, Kerry
Clinical Assistant Professor
ELFH 359 ED 502-852-0585 carolyn.charron@louisville.edu
Chisholm, James
Associate Professor
MISE 292 ED 502-852-0791 jschis01@louisville.edu
Choi, Namok
ELFH 345 ED 502-852-4014 namok@louisville.edu
Cintron, Alicia
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 akcint01@louisville.edu
Clare, Dianne
Project Manager
SPED 148 ED 502-852-5116 dlclar01@louisville.edu
Cloudy, Joshua
Graduate Assistant
NYSTRAND 255 ED 502-852-3069 jdclou02@cardmail.louisville.edu
Cocco, Adam
HSS 104H SAC E 502-852-1052 adam.cocco@louisville.edu
Collins, Julia M.
CEHD Director of Finance
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-1336 julia.collins@louisville.edu
Collins, Thomas
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-3012 tecoll03@cardmail.louisville.edu
Cook, Brittany
Graduate Assistant
EDTL 261 ED 502-852-5556 bmc00k02@louisville.edu
Cooley-Cook, Heidi
Field Training Coordinator
KATC 133 AUTISM 502-852-6401 hacool01@louisville.edu
Cooper, Justin
Associate Professor
SPED 161 ED 502-852-2183 j0coop06@louisville.edu
Courtade, Ginevra
Associate Professor, Department Chair
SPED 158A ED 502-852-2144 g.courtade@louisville.edu
Crawford, Brittany
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 384 ED 502-852-6884 becraw01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Crenshaw, Justin
Academic Counselor
EASS 169 ED 502-852-3211 jlcren04@louisville.edu
Cumberland, Denise
Assistant Professor
ELFH 338B ED 502-852-1645 d.cumberland@louisville.edu
Dadisman, L. Denise
Administrative Associate
NYSTRAND 240 ED 502-852-3408 denise.dadisman@louisville.edu
Davis, Keith
Clinical Associate Professor
ELFH 337 ED 502-852-6451 bkeith.davis@louisville.edu
Delano, Monica
Associate Professor
SPED 152 ED 502-852-2546 medela01@louisville.edu
Deters, Anna
Administrative Associate-Business Operations
ELFH 343 ED 502-852-6668 anna.deters@louisville.edu
Doyle, Betty S.
ECEE 263 ED 502-852-3538 bsdoyl01@louisville.edu
Druery, Jarrod
Graduate Assistant
ELFH 343 ED 502-852-6475 jedrue01@louisville.edu
Dubuque, Erick
Assistant Professor
SPED 141 AUTISM 502-852-2633 erick.dubuque@louisville.edu
Duckwall, Mark A
Planetarium Educator
PLNTRM 206 SK 502-852-0212 mark.duckwall@louisville.edu
Durham, Sherry A
Interim Coordinator MTRP
EASS 269 ED 502-852-7384 sherry.durham@louisville.edu
Ernst, V. Lynne
Unit Business Manager
EASS 140 ED 502-852-7697 lynne.ernst@louisville.edu
Estes, Eileen
Assistant Professor, Assistant Department Chair
ECPY 306 ED 502-852-2270 eileen.estes@louisville.edu
Finch, John
ECEE 242 ED 502-852-0583 jtfinc01@louisville.edu
Fletcher, Lauren
Graduate Assistant
ECEE 266 ED 502-852-6431 l0flet01@louisville.edu
Flint, Amy Seely
ECEE 242 ED 502-852-2302 amy.flint@louisville.edu
Forister, Sarah
Graduate Assistant
SPED 107 ED 502-852-6421 sarah.forister@louisville.edu
Foster, Drew
Technology Coordinator
PLNTRM 206J SK 502-852-5828 drew.foster@louisville.edu
Foster, Michele
Professor Henry Heuser Jr. Endowed Chair in Urban Education 
ECEE 250 ED 502-852-0558 michele.foster@louisville.edu
Fox, Jason M.
Technology Support
ERTC 201 ED 502-852-1426 jmfox001@louisville.edu
Frederick, Evan
Assistant Professor
HSS 104K SAC E 502-852-5039 elfred03@louisville.edu
Frey, Shannon
Data Coordinator
SPED 107 ED 502-852-1307 shannon.frey@louisville.edu
Garrett, Eric L.
Website Coordinator
ERTC 201 ED 502-852-3223 eric.garrett@louisville.edu
George, Casey
Assistant Professor
ELFH 331 ED 502-852-0637 caseye.george@louisville.edu
Gordon, Paula H.
Program Coordinator
ECEE 253 ED 502-852-6431 paula.gordon@louisville.edu
Green, Kayla
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 317 ED 502-852-6646 kjgree09@louisville.edu
Greenwell, T. Chris
HSS 104P SAC E 502-852-0555 tcgreenwell@louisville.edu
Grimes, Patty D.
Administrative Specialist
MISE 286 ED 502-852-6593 patty.grimes@louisville.edu
Gross, Jacob
Associate Professor
ELFH 338 ED 502-852-8795 jpgros02@louisville.edu
Groves, Rita G.
Program Assistant Senior
EASS 140 ED 502-852-3213 rita.groves@louisville.edu
Gurney, Beth
Special Education Academic Content Coach 
SPED 148 ED 502-852-3274 beth.gurney@louisville.edu
Gworek, Keith
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 kdgwor01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Halbleib, Melody I
Program Coordinator Sr.
RSCH 123 ED 502-852-2271 melody.halbleib@louisville.edu
Halliday, Leah
Graduate Assistant
ECEE 266 ED 502-852-6431 lmhall04@louisville.edu
Hambrick, Marion
Associate Professor
HSS 104J SAC E 502-852-8286 marion.hambrick@louisville.edu
Hampton, Betty L.
Director of Graduate and Student Services
EASS 140 ED 502-852-0411 betty.hampton@louisville.edu
Hampton, Danielle
Academic Counselor Senior
EASS 140 ED 502-852-2638 danielle.hampton.1@louisville.edu
Hancock, Meg
Associate Professor
HSS 105J SAC E 502-852-5040 mghanc01@louisville.edu
Hanna, Christan
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-5001 cdhann04@louisville.edu
Hardy, Jessica K
Assistant Professor
SPED 153 ED 502-852-7646 jkhard04@exchange.louisville.edu
Harman, Katie
Clinical Assistant Professor
HSS 104S SAC E 502-852-0057 kathryn.harman@louisville.edu
Hart, Michael
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 386 ED 502-852-6884 jmhart11@cardmail.louisville.edu
Hay, Mary
Dietary Supervisor
ELC 0 ELC 502-852-4496 mehay002@louisville.edu
Herd, Ann
Assistant Professor
ELFH 328 ED 502-852-0606 amherd01@louisville.edu
Hinton, Cody
HSS 104F SAC E 502-852-2615 cchint01@louisville.edu
Hirschy, Amy
Associate Professor
ECPY 325 ED 502-852-0625 amy.hirschy@louisville.edu
Howell, Penny
Associate Professor
MISE 290 ED 502-852-0598 pbhowe01@louisville.edu
Hums, Mary A.
HSS 104Q SAC E 502-852-5908 mhums@louisville.edu
Hunter, Maqenzi
Graduate Assistant
SPED 107 ED 502-852-6421 mshovi01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Immekus, Jason
Associate Professor
ELFH 332 ED 502-852-3825 jason.immekus@louisville.edu
Ingle, Kyle
Assistant Chair
ELFH 333 ED 502-852-6097 william.ingle@louisville.edu
Israel, Jonathan
Director of Development
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-6910 jonathan.israel@louisville.edu
Jacobi-Vessels, Jill
Director of the ELC and Clinical Assistant Professor
ECEE 265 ED 502-852-0436 jill.jacobi-vessels@louisville.edu
Jaggers, Jason
Assistant Professor
HSS 105H SAC E 502-852-7193 jason.jaggers@louisville.edu
Jett, Mike
HSS 105M SAC E 502-852-5711 dmjett01@louisville.edu
Jett, Pamela
ECEE 249 ED 502-852-0574 pmjett01@louisville.edu
Jones, Jane
CRMSTD 293  ED 502-852-7063 jane.jones@louisville.edu
Kelley, Rachel
Program Coordinator Sr
DEAN 127 ED 502-852-3210 rachel.essa@louisville.edu
Kimberlain, Saundra
Academic Counselor Sr.
EASS 166 ED 502-852-2570 sgkimb01@louisville.edu
King, Kristi M
Associate Professor, Program Director
HSS 105G SAC E 502-852-8843 kristi.king@louisville.edu
Kolander, Cheryl A.
HSS 104E SAC E 502-852-0175 ckolander@louisville.edu
Kozerski, Amy
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 aekoze01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Laman, Tasha Tropp
Associate Professor
ECEE 267 ED 502-852-1814 tasha.laman@louisville.edu
Landrum, Timothy
Interim Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
SPED 123D ED 502-852-0952 tjland01@louisville.edu
Larson, Ann E.
Dean and Professor
DEAN 124A ED 502-852-6044 ann@louisville.edu
Lau, Timothy
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 364 ED 502-852-3830 t0lau001@louisville.edu
Leach, Mark
Professor, Department Chair
ECPY 329 ED 502-852-0588 mmleac01@louisville.edu
Leach, Stephen
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 388 ED 502-852-6884 smleach01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Ledford, Liza
Instructor and Program Coordinator
HSS 105C SAC E 502-852-8581 erledf01@louisville.edu
Lee, Chin-Wen "Jean"
Clinical Assistant Professor
SPED 145 ED 502-852-0565 chinwen.lee@louisville.edu
Lee, Seonghun
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 solee016@exchange.louisville.edu
Lingo, Amy S.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Unit Effectiveness
AAUE, SPED 161 ED 502-852-0563 asling01@louisville.edu
Lipsey, Robin
MISE Placement Coordinator, Instructor
MISE 291 ED 502-852-0336 rllips01@louisville.edu
Longerbeam, Susan
Associate Professor 
ECPY 316 ED 502-852-0626 sdlong01@louisville.edu
Maguire, Patsy L.
Unit Business Manager
HSS 104V SAC E 502-852-8841 plmagu01@louisville.edu
Mark, Sheron
Assistant Professor
MISE 271 ED 502-852-1362 sheron.mark@louisville.edu
Marshall, Ashley
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 389 ED 502-852-6884 aamars03@cardmail.louisville.edu
McConnaughey, Monica
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 mlmcco08@cardmail.louisville.edu
McCubbin, Lali
Associate Professor
ECPY 311 ED 502-852-4603 ldmccu02@exchange.louisville.edu
McFadden, Justin
Assistant Professor
ECEE 236 ED 502-852-3976 justin.mcfadden@louisville.edu
McGuffey, Paula
Operations Manager
PLNTRM 104 SK 502-852-5855 paula@louisville.edu
McWilliams, Alex
Technology Support
ERTC 201 ED 502-852-6437 romcwi01@louisville.edu
Michael, Melissa
Graduate Assistant
MISE 262 ED 502-852-6593 mimich02@exchange.louisville.edu
Miller, Mike
Field Training Coordinator
KATC 100 AUTISM 502-852-7799 mrmill15@louisville.edu
Mires, Erin
Assistant Clinical Professor
ELFH 370 ED 502-852-9044 erin.mires@louisville.edu
Mitchell, Amanda
Assistant Professor
ECPY 307 ED 502-852-5716 amanda.mitchell@louisville.edu
Mitchell, Gary R.
Information Systems Manager
ERTC 201A ED 502-852-0161 gary@louisville.edu
Monyhan, Tiffany
Program Coordinator, Sr.
EASS 174 ED 502-852-3214 tiffany.monyhan@louisville.edu
Moorman, Anita M.
HSS 104R SAC E 502-852-0553 amm@louisville.edu
Mudd, Regina
ELC 0 ELC 502-852-3906 rmmudd02@louisville.edu
Mulligan, Linda S.
Administrative Associate
ERTC 201 ED 502-852-6437 linda.mulligan@louisville.edu
Muntis, Franklin
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-5001 frmunt01@louisville.edu
Naeger, Dylan
HSS 104G SAC E 502-852-5050 djnaeg01@louisville.edu
Newton, Becki
Assistant to the Dean
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-3235 becki@louisville.edu
Niehaus, Katie
Accreditation Specialist
AAUE 127A ED 502-852-4530 katie@louisville.edu
Nightengale-Lee, Bianca
Graduate Assistant
ELFH 343 ED 502-852-6475 bjnigh01@louisville.edu
Nisbett, Desrie
Unit Business Manager
MISE 158 ED 502-852-0589 dmnisb01@louisville.edu
Norton-Meier, Lori
ECEE 237 ED 502-852-1316 lori.nortonmeier@louisville.edu
O'Brien, Ian
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 itobri01@cardmail.louisville.edu
O'Neal, Carol
Associate Professor
HSS 104D SAC E 502-852-5004 csonea01@louisville.edu
Olson, Janet
Administrative Associate
ELFH 343 ED 502-852-6475 janet.olson@louisville.edu
Orton, Marybeth
Clinical Coordinator, Term Faculty, Instructor
ECPY 306 ED 502-852-0630 m0orto01@louisville.edu
Osam, Kobena
Graduate Assistant
ELFH 343 ED 502-852-6475 ekosam01@louisville.edu
Otis, Clint
Graduate Assistant
SPED 140 ED 502-852-6421 ccotis01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Page, Dustin
Academic Advisor Senior
EASS 168 ED 502-852-2565 dustin.page@louisville.edu
Parish, Marlene
Program Coordinator
SPED 000 AUTISM 502-852-6421 marlene.parish@louisville.edu
Patton, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor, ESL Program Coordinator
MISE 246 ED 502-852-8978 elizabeth.patton@louisville.edu
Patton, Scott
SPED 146 ED 502-852-4136 scott.patton@louisville.edu
Pentecost, Margaret W.
Assistant Dean for Student Services
EASS 140 ED 502-852-2628 margaret.pentecost@louisville.edu
Pepera, Stephanie
Graduate Assistant
ELFH 336 ED 502-852-0619 s0pepe01@louisville.edu
Perry, Mallory
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-5001 mdperr07@louisville.edu
Peters, Susan A
Associate Professor
MISE 285A ED 502-852-0579 s.peters@louisville.edu
Philipp, Stephanie
MISE 277 ED 502-852-6431 stephanie.philipp@louisville.edu
Pifer, Meghan
Associate Professor
ELFH 348 ED 502-852-0634 meghan.pifer@louisville.edu
Pittard, Caroline
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 320 ED 502-852-6884 cmpitt05@louisville.edu
Police, Chelsea
Graduate Assistant
HSS E104T SAC E 502-852-2326 chelsea.police@louisville.edu
Polley, Katie
HR Coordinator
DEAN 125C ED 502-852-7758 katherine.polley@louisville.edu
Pond, Addison
Graduate Assistant
HSS E104T SAC E 502-852-2326 addison.pond@louisville.edu
Possel, Patrick
ECPY 330 ED 502-852-0623 patrick.possel@louisville.edu
Pratt, Taylor
Program Coordinator
ELFH 355 ED 502-852-1925 taylor.gathof@louisville.edu
Presley, Gin
HSS 104L SAC E 502-852-8297 rgpres01@louisville.edu
Rathmann, Ryan
Manager of International Learning
EASS 177 ED 502-852-0638 ryan.rathman@louisville.edu
Riney, Allison
Administrative Associate
ECPY 320 ED 502-852-6884 anrine01@louisville.edu
Rivers, Ishwanzya
Clinical Assistant Professor
ELFH 356 ED 502-852-0639 i0rive02@louisville.edu
Roberts, Alexandra
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 ahrobe01@louisville.edu
Roberts, Amber
Academic Counselor
EASS 165 ED 502-852-3204 anrobe10@louisville.edu
Robinson, Teresa
ELC 0 ELC 502-852-3906 tarobi02@louisville.edu
Rose, Kevin
Assistant Professor
ELFH 336 ED 502-852-0619 kevin.rose@louisville.edu
Rowland, Terri
Assistant Professor
ELFH 370 ED 502-852-0635 terri.rowland@louisville.edu
Sanders, Kimberly
Graduate Assistant
ELFH 326 ED 502-852-6475 knsand01@louisville.edu
Satterlee, Linda
Temp-Assistant to Director
LWP 105 ED 502-852-4544 lksatt01@louisville.edu
Savala, Alyson
Graduate Assistant
EASS 000 ED 502-852-5597 assava01@louisville.edu
Scott, Terry
Professor and Director of CIBRS
SPED 106 ED 502-852-0576 t.scott@louisville.edu
Shank, Paige
Program Coordinator Sr
ELC 100 ELC 502-852-3521 paige.shank@louisville.edu
Sharma, Manish
Director of Assessment
AAUE 127A ED 502-852-1360 m0shar21@louisville.edu
Sheffield, Alice M
Administrative Associate
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-6411 amshef01@exchange.louisville.edu
Sheffield, Caroline C
Department Chair and Associate Professor
MISE 286 ED 502-852-0575 caroline.sheffield@louisville.edu
Shreffler, Megan
Assistant Professor
HSS 104M SAC E 502-852-0548 mbshre01@louisville.edu
Shuck, Michael (Brad)
Associate Professor
ELFH 382 ED 502-852-7396 mbshuc01@louisville.edu
Simmons, Thomas J.
Associate Professor
SPED 147 ED 502-852-0569 tsimmons@louisville.edu
Slaughter, Leslie M.
Clinical Lecturer | New Skills for Youth Grant Facilitator
ELFH 343 ED 502-852-6475 leslie.slaughter@louisville.edu
Snyder, Katie E
Associate Professor
ECPY 310 ED 502-852-8796 kesnyd02@louisville.edu
Spence, Janet
Director Strategic Program Success Initiatives
DEAN 123A ED 502-852-4356 janet@louisville.edu
Spencer, Tyler
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T ED 502-852-0312 tcspen01@cardmail.louisville.edu
Sun, Jeffrey
Professor, Chair
ELFH 343-A ED 502-852-0618 jeffrey.sun@louisville.edu
Swan, Steve
MISE 241 ED 502-852-0581 sbswan02@louisville.edu
Tabeling, Steven K
Unit Business Manager
RSCH 123 ED 502-852-3069 sktabe01@louisville.edu
Taylor, Larry
Executive Director
KATC 129C AUTISM 502-852-6116 r0tayl05@louisville.edu
Terson De Paleville, Daniela
Associate Professor
HSS 105E SAC E 502-852-0547 dtdepa01@louisville.edu
Thai, Jayden
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 320 ED 502-852-6884 jlthai01@louisville.edu
Thomas, Shelley
Assistant Chair and Associate Professor
MISE 273 ED 502-852-8090 shelley.thomas@louisville.edu
Thompson, Catherine
Academic Counselor Senior
EASS 163 ED 502-852-2638 cathom31@louisville.edu
Thum, Julie
Assistant Director of Education and Academic Services
EASS 140A ED 502-852-2998 jastou02@louisville.edu
Townsend, Denise
Assessment Specialist
AAUE 124 ED 502-852-3231 datown02@louisville.edu
Trazkus, Matt
Graduate Assistant
ECEE 262 ED 502-852-6431 m0trza01@louisville.edu
Tretter, Thomas
Professor, Director of Planetarium
MISE, PLNTRM 289 ED 502-852-0595 tom.tretter@louisville.edu
Tsai, Shu-Chen
Post Doctoral Fellow
SPED 139 ED 502-852-0577 shuchen.tsai@louisville.edu
Tucker, Stephen
Assistant Professor
ECEE 238 ED 502-852-1976 s.tucker@louisville.edu
Turner, Heather A
Program Manager
ELFH 355 ED 502-852-1924 heather.turner@louisville.edu
Valentine, Jeffrey C
ECPY 309 ED 502-852-3830 jeff.valentine@louisville.edu
Varney, Alexis
University Supervisor
SPED 144 ED 502-852-6421 acvarn01@exchange.louisville.edu
Vaughan, Rodney
Program Assistant Sr
EASS 140 ED 502-852-5597 jrvaug05@exchange.louisville.edu
Vidoni, Carla
Associate Professor
HSS 104C SAC E 502-852-8844 c0vido01@louisville.edu
Visalli, Kelsea
Graduate Assistant
ECPY 320 ED 502-852-6884 kmvisa01@louisville.edu
Vittitow, Dorothy J
Director of Marketing and Communications
DEAN 124F ED 502-852-2639 dorothy@louisville.edu
Wagner, Shavon
Program Coordinator Sr. 
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-6413 smwagn04@louisville.edu
Walden, Amy
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 ajwald04@louisville.edu
Washington, Ahmad
Assistant Professor
ECPY 313 ED 502-852-0628 ahmad.washington@louisville.edu
Watterson, Katie
ECPY 000 ED 502-852-6884 klwatt07@louisville.edu
West, Jessica
Graduate Assistant
NYSTRAND 123A ED 502-852-1463 jrkast01@exchange.louisville.edu
Whitehead, Kim
Administrative Assistant
PLNTRM 104 SK 502-852-6665 kawhit02@louisville.edu
Whitmore, Kathryn F.
ECEE 247 ED 502-852-5265 kathryn.whitmore@louisville.edu
Whitney, Todd
Assistant Professor
SPED 154 ED 502-852-2156 jeremy.whitney@louisville.edu
Williams, Sarah
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 s0will24@cardmail.louisville.edu
Willoughby, Frank
Unit Business Manager
ELFH 357 ED 502-852-6667 fewill03@louisville.edu
Wilson, Amy L.
Unit Business Manager
ELC 100 ELC 502-852-4594 amy.wilson@louisville.edu
Wolcott, Wanda
Administrative Specialist
MISE 286 ED 502-852-0596 wanda.wolcott@louisville.edu
Wolph, Jean
Instructor, Director of Louisville Writing Project
LWP, MISE, NYSTRAND 279 ED 502-852-4544 jean.wolph@louisville.edu
Woo, Hongryun
Associate Professor
ECPY 326 ED 502-852-0615 h0woo001@louisville.edu
Wright, Eric
Academic Counselor Senior
EASS 164 ED 502-852-3221 eric.wright@louisville.edu
Wurth, Rachel
Unit Business Mgr., Sr. 
DEAN 124 ED 502-852-2118 rachel.wurth@louisville.edu
Yao, Jojo
Graduate Assistant
SPED 149 ED 502-852-5597 tianhong.yao@louisville.edu
Yoo, Sin-Wook
Graduate Assistant
HSS 104T SAC E 502-852-0312 s0yoo006@exchange.louisville.edu
Zuccaro, Emily
Graduate Assistant
ECEE 240 ED 502-852-6431 elzucc01@exchange.louisville.edu